Bat Removal & Exclusion Case Studies


Welcome to our Case Studies area. We commonly find that people aren't familiar with the services that we provide until they have an animal problem themselves. For this reason we have created these case-studies to give our visitors a first-hand look at recent bat exclusion and other bat removal projects that we have successfully completed. In each case-study you can see the steps that are involved in getting rid of these animals and keeping them out permanently. We will continue to update this page as time goes on so check back often to see more case studies of bat removal in Westchester, NY.


If you have any questions about the bat exclusion / bat removal process or would like to schedule an inspection, please call us.


Scarsdale Bat Removal Case Study



Bat Removal Scarsdale NY
We were called out to this home in Scarsdale, Ny when a bat ended up in the family room at 2am on a thursday night. Upon further inspection of the home we found a colony of 50-60 bats in the home

The Solution
The next morning we brought in the entire crew, and began the seal up process. One way traps were installed to allow the bats to leave without harming them. Our customers can sleep soundly now. Bat Free!

Problem solved.

Bedford Bat Removal Case Study 2



Bat Removal Bedford NY
A colony of bats were living in the chimney of this home in Pound Rige, NY. After removing the bats safely, we installed custom copper caps to prevent future infestation.

White Plains Bat Removal Case Study 3



Bat Removal White Plains NY
I removed this bat from a living room last week. The homeowners were watching tv and noticed an unwanted visitor behind the fireplace crown moulding. Bat removed safely. Case closed





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"Thanks guys! removing the bat from the jukebox proved to my husband that I was not crazy. You went above and beyond the call on this one, thanks again for the extra effort."

- Barbara, from Westchester, NY